Mission & Vision

Established in 1996 to foster an understanding of government and public policies in young adults, the George Nethercutt Foundation helps all Americans, particularly students become more engaged with our government, and our history.

By fostering a fundamental appreciation for individual civic responsibility, the Foundation helps create a new generation of principled leadership in America.

The Foundation offers students unprecedented opportunities for civic learning and active citizenship by providing engagement opportunities with elected officials, issue advocates, government leaders, and members of the national press.

Through this exposure to the world of politics, government, business, law and justice, students have the opportunity to become productive and principled leaders for the future through an enjoyable combination of learning, experience, and service.

The Foundation conducts an annual Citizenship Tournament, in which students compete for valuable prizes and scholarships,and civics related travel. In the past, the Foundation has also offered valuable Fellowships to deserving college students.

Meet George Nethercutt

GEORGE R. NETHERCUTT, JR. is a former U.S. Congressman who represented the 5th Congressional District of Washington from 1995-2005. Nethercutt practiced law in Spokane, WA for 18 years before entering public service. While in Congress, he served on the prestigious House Appropriations Committee and the House Science Committee.

In 1996, George Nethercutt formed the nonprofit, independent George Nethercutt Foundation (initially the STAR Program—Students Taking Action and Responsibility), providing students with dedicated academic instruction about American history and leadership, including an all-expenses-paid trip to Washington, DC to meet public officials, lobbyists and members of the national press, followed by students dedicating 60 hours of volunteer time at home. In 2012 Mr. Nethercutt led a Study Group at Harvard University covering the topic, “Why Study America.” He serves on various corporate boards around the world, including several nonprofits, is the author of the book, In Tune with America: Our History in Song, has written articles on current events for various publications, and produces the television series, “US History by the Minute,” containing 60-second televised history lessons designed to help educate the public about American heritage.

“Students who want a specialized education should not be dissuaded from doing so, but only if they have proved their proficiency in other basic courses such as U.S. History. Until then, we need to focus on producing well-educated citizens steeped in their country’s history and mindful of their civic responsibilities.”

George Nethercutt

In Tune With America: Our History In Song

Former U.S. Congressman George R. Nethercutt Jr.’s ‘In Tune with America’; melds music and words to tell a story of hope — a hope that today’s Americans will focus on the lessons of United States history: the significant events, the trials and tributions, the outstanding leaders and heroic acts, all of them part of America’s great story. This book is a gateway to better citizenship, showing how the United States has achieved its unique position in the world economically, socially and politically. It is also fun, filled with less-known parts of well-known songs, from all four verses of ‘The Start-Spangled Banner’; to the lyrics of Tin Pan Alley. American music, like the American people, is rich and diverse. ‘In Tune with America’ puts readers in tune with the American dream.

In Tune With America